Terms & Conditions

Our products are of the highest quality, however if in the unlikely event of a product being of inferior quality returns will be accepted. In order to do this please email enquires@loladarcy.com stating the issue and clear images of the product.


Orders of below 24 units will be charged at standard wholesale prices, orders of 24 and over qualify for wholesale bulk discount per unit. Please see the order form and pricing pages for details. 


All orders are subject to availability and a lead time will be provided upon quotation, orders that are confirmed are due for payment in advance and at the time of invoice. Payment terms may be negotiated with Whax candles after 6 months of supply and depending on the level of products stocked, and minimum order quantities.


Use of the LOLA DARCY logo by retailers is permitted but must first be requested from LOLA DARCY with draft marketing materials provided as proof copies before any permission will be granted. Please email your draft material and or concept to enquires@loladarcy.com.


LOLA DARCY will wherever reasonably practicable only offer retail opportunities within a 25 mile radius of another retailer.


The use of social media and social media marketing are very much approved by LOLA DARCY to promote the brand of LOLA DARCY and its retailers, all images and online marketing media must first be approved by LOLA DARCY candles. Please send images and materials to enquires@loladarcy.com any images used to determent the brand or product are strictly prohibited as well as posts on social media, all must be done in a positive light and  for the benefit of the brand, product and retailer.


LOLA DARCY are here to help build relationships and the brand of both LOLA DARCY candles and its retailers as such retailer affiliates and links to retailer websites and social media may be used to undertake such opportunities. If you need anything please get in touch and likewise if we require anything from you we will first ask for your consent.