100 Lola Darcy fragrance bottles filled with your chosen Wedding Day Scent

If you are searching for ways to preserve your special day, consider a signature fragrance into your wedding party. Scent triggers memory more than any of your physical senses and, if you incorporate fragrance into your Wedding Day, it will always bring you back to that moment. Your wedding really does go by in a second, and fragrance can capture it for you and your guest even deeper than a photograph can. Sometimes we forget how powerful a fragrances is; It can transform you to a place or reconnect you with a person in seconds.


Perfume has the power to alter your mood too. It can be uplifting or comforting. It can make you feel sultry and seductive, upbeat and happy or relaxed… 
Why not set the romantic tone and create a lasting memory by giving each of your guest mini Lola Darcy fragrance bottles filled with your chosen Wedding Day Scent. 


Our Bride quotes: “On our wedding day I gave each guest a fragrance, so they too could have a scent to remember the day by. The men received a mini Lola Darcy Citrus and Golden Incense and the women, a mini Lola Darcy Sweet Velvet Caress. We tied tags around the necks of the bottles with our initials and encouraged everyone to wear the scent. As our wedding was in Bali, the weather was warm and balmy and the women smelled of a selection of sweet roses and the men, like a summer-time evening. It was truly magical!” We will work with you to help you choose the right scent for you and your wedding theme.

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